How to Design the Layout of a Website

How to Design the Layout of a Website

How To Design the Layout of a Website

To the contractors, the design and layout of the website is the most important thing for lead generation. The contractor website should enable potential website visitors to correlate the services with their problems. Imagine you own a house remodeling business, yet you have built bland layout for the website. Do you really expect people to cling on to your website longer than a few seconds? Your website design must look professional and well-crafted. Unless you customize generic template that showcases your business in its entirety, you cannot hope to get a better response.

The more consistent the overall design of the website is, the easier it will be for the web visitors to navigate through the various pages of the website. Nothing irritates a potential customer if the interface of the website is not consistent.

The essential components of a maneuverable website are

  • easy to use navigation tabs
  • the speed of the website
  • mobile compatibility
  • and the appeal of the landing page.
  • The font must be readable
  • the logo and branding must be done for advertisement
  • and the flow of the design must be smooth.

The website must not take an eternity to load. With an adequate layout and design, you can enforce the potential clients to reach out to your business.

The website must be designed intuitively with the idea of lead generation in mind. Every single aspect of the website ought to be utilitarian to the visitors. The design and layout is imperative to help the users find the content they are searching for easily on the website and with promptness.

  1. Visitor-friendly Navigation
  2. Website Speed
  3. Landing Page Design
  4. Optimizing the Website for Mobile Users

1.    Visitor-friendly Navigation

Visitor-friendly Navigation How to Design the Layout of a Website

As a contractor struggling with online lead generation, the key to an effective strategy for gaining a completive edge in this fast tracked technological world is the navigation of your website. The user should feel that it is easy to browse through the different pages of your website.

To make your website responsive for lead generation, the navigation tab must be located on the top of the webpage. Keeping the phone icon and other conversion links on top with the important details about the company. The business will make it easy for the leads to approach your business.

The labels should be clear so that the user knows where the page will lead.

For instance, if you own a plumbing business, and you want the user to know that you are using the latest technologies for conducting repair work, you must include a label for it on the navigation bar by the title “Latest Technologies”. This is the page where you will lay the groundwork for making your business stand out. You may mention that you use state of the art imaging techniques to find out if there are leakages in the plumbing systems.

Here is how you can enhance the user experience for lead generation and conversion:

  • Allow the users to select the pages from the navigation bar through various labels;
  • The navigation bar must cater the needs of the customer;
  • After opening a label, the user should know which page they have landed on and how they can move around to other sections of the website; and
  • There must necessarily be a search function so that if a user is looking for a particular service, it can be found without have to scroll to the bottom of the page.

2.    Website Speed

There isn’t a more frustrating experience for a user than a slow-loading website. Web shoppers are impatient and most do not even want to wait more than a couple of seconds for a webpage to load. The longer a lead has to wait for the website to load, the further you are driving your chances away.

Website Speed to Design the Layout of a WebsiteAn important thing to remember if you want to survive in this competitive world of online lead generation is that even search engines examine the speed of the WebPages for ranking amongst the various other factors, such as, meta title, meta description, and meta tags. Google, for instance, announced in the last quarter of 2016 that the pages will be ranked based on the loading time of the page.

Therefore, if you own a contractor business, you must seriously consider the time your website takes to load to fulfill the web requests of an interested customer. It is all about enhancing the user experience and if you haven’t started optimizing your website, now is the right time. Make use of a fully powered web host and compressing the images are two of the ways you can ensure that the contractor website loads faster.

3.    Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design to Generate More LeadsA landing page is also known as the lead capture page in online marketing technologies. This is the page that your lead will land on after clicking on the search engine results. This page does not have to be the home page of your contractor website; it can also be a page for a particular service. You must keep in mind that the landing page must fulfill a purpose. It should answer the queries that the customer is interesting in knowing.

Creating effective landing pages will help you in generating your own leads as opposed to spending a part of your budget on buying leads. In order to generate leads in construction website’s landing pages , these are the focal points that you should consider:

  • Target the keywords that a potential lead may type in, to look for services that you are selling;
  • Mention the services that you are providing; and
  • The cities that you provide your service in

The reason why most of the contractor websites are unable to generate leads of their own is that they fail to target these areas. The aforementioned points are the basics of the search engine “architecture”. Make sure that you have a separate landing page for every city that you sell your services in and for every service that you provide. As we move further on, you will discover the items that an effective landing page ought to have.


4.    Optimizing the Website for Mobile Users

Whether you acknowledge this fact or not —the proliferation of mobile devices is actually shaping the future of the SEO world. Why? This is because most of your potential customers are mobile phone and tablet users. Therefore, it is essential that you design the website keeping a mobile user in mind.

Google announced in 2016 that it will include a new signal for ranking websites, which will play an integral role in ranking websites even higher than before. The “mobile-friendly” factor is an aspect that a contractor must remember for lead generation as more and more mobile users will be looking for the services that you are selling.

Your contractor website will be considered as rightfully optimized for mobile users if you follow these guidelines:

  • Use a font that can be read without zooming in;
  • The content of the webpage should be sized to fit the mobile screen to prevent horizontal scrolling;
  • The software used to build the website must be compatible with the mobile devices and gadgets;
  • The links on the various tabs ought to be placed further apart so that the user can click on the desired link without clicking on the adjacent link.

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