Online Marketing Trends of 2016

Online Marketing Trends 2016

Online Marketing Trends of 2016

Online marketing is a critical tool for every business regardless of size and industry. The marketing platform is changing rapidly and every New Year brings in new opportunities and challenges for online marketing as a business tool. Early adaptation to the changes gives marketers a competitive edge over others. Disual Online Marketing outlines some of the emerging online marketing trends for 2016.

Here are 4 online marketing trends dominating 2016 thus far:

1.Online videos are crucial for online marketers

YouTube and Facebook receive billions of videos and views on an everyday basis. Studies also demonstrate that web content that contain videos have higher engagement rates compared to those with only plain text. Marketers need to incorporate entertaining videos in their promotional material to increase engagement with potential customers. It is also prudent to create an animated video explaining what a company or a product does. The video should only be a few seconds. Online Marketing Trends 1


Content remarketing refers to engaging visitors to the business’ site after they have read the content on the site. Get back to the people who have visited your site through invigorating content and then remarket your advertisements to them as you attempt to close the deal. The interesting content could prove to be the reminder that sends the potential customer back to the site and initiate a purchase. Online Marketing Trends 2

3.Domination of mobile over the desktop

Mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic in more than 10 countries in 2015. It was also the year that an algorithm was created to phase out the sites that were inaccessible through mobile. It is clear that online marketing will only be effective and profitable if it is mobile-focused. Thus, online marketers need to optimize their sites for mobile traffic in order to close more deals. Online Marketing Trends 3

4.Emergence of wearable technology

Online marketers need to adopt wearable technology into their marketing techniques. Devices such as smart watches and others have blurred the line between online and real marketing. Online Marketing Trends 4


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